Life Jackets and Beacons


   AIS Pro SOLAS 275N
The first SOLAS Life jacket to be integrated with the new PLB3 Personal locator beacon gives you the perfect combination of safety equipment to keep you afloat and to be found wherever you are.
The revolutionary new Beacon from Ocean Signal that gives you complete Search and Rescue coverage inshore and now as far offshore as the new wind farm developments are moving.
This beacon transmits and receives on 406MHz Satellite Transmitter, 121.5MHz Homing Beacon, AIS161.975 MHz (AIS1, or channel 87B) and 162.025 MHz (AIS2, or channel 88B) Transmitter.
When combined with the AIS Pro the jacket both are automatically deployed on entering the water and the action of the jacket opening triggers the PLB3 Bacon to deploy its antenna and to start to transmit its position on all the frequencies required offshore.

The combination of the   AIS Pro 275N SOLAS Life jackets give you the security of knowing you will be found anywhere and will be safe in the knowledge that the life jacket has been tested to function with the PLB3.

The   Life jackets have also been extensively tested with
The   Elite SOLAS Transit suit and the combination of equipment worn by offshore technicians and crew.
WFE Safety are the only company to take testing of its equipment to these extremes and has proven its technology with extensive testing at the FORCE Laboratories in Copenhagen.


406MHz AIS & 121.5MHz
 (with NFC capability)

RescueMe PLB3 RRP £538 WFE Safety £506.00 +vat


406MHz Satellite Transmitter, 121.5MHz Homing Beacon, AIS Transmitter
Smartphone connectivity via NFC (Near Field Communication)
Visible Light Strobe
Battery: Operating lifetime >24 hours @ -20°C (-4°F) 6 years from date of manufacture
GNSS Receiver
EU Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU.

This beacon has full MED/SOLAS approval to be integrated with the SOLAS AIS Pro and SOLAS Accent life jackets.

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