The Avanti Fall Protection System is based on a special click-on runner that the technician carries in a strap on his harness. It is fastened in the harness with a snap hook of the same type as mountain climbers use. The runner can be clicked on to a safety rail - in the centre of the ladder - and follows the user up and down.  

Sliders and Runners

AVANTI Eagle DS Runner 27799021


Please contact for more details The Avanti EagleDS runner is an excellent choice for providing safety and comfort for technicians working in wind turbine towers

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Please contact for more details Climbing systems for tower-like building, constructions, etc.

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Söll GlideLoc® fall arrester type Universal II with self-locking karabiner, for entry at any point along the GlideLoc® System

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Latchways Ladder latch Device (left handed) c/w soft web strop (Towerlatch) Suitable for use on te Latchways vertical Ladderlatch or Towerlatch vertical wire safety systems only  

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