Ensuring Safety Offshore: Regulations and Standards for Lifting Bags

In the offshore industry, safety is paramount. Among the critical equipment used in offshore operations are lifting bags, which play a vital role in transporting heavy loads safely and efficiently. To ensure these operations are conducted safely, stringent regulations and standards govern the use of lifting bags. This article explores these regulations, the necessity for certificates of traceability, and the importance of regular re-certification. Additionally, it highlights why WFE Safety stands out as Europe’s leading supplier of EMG lifting bags.

EMG lifting bags been lifted onto a wind turbine loading platform.

Regulatory Requirements for Lifting Bags

Lifting bags in the offshore industry must comply with rigorous safety standards to prevent accidents and ensure operational efficiency. These regulations typically cover aspects such as:

  1. Design and Manufacturing:
    • Lifting bags must be designed and manufactured according to strict industry standards, ensuring they can handle the specified load capacities without failure.
  2. Testing and Certification:
    • Before deployment, lifting bags must undergo thorough testing to verify their load-bearing capabilities and durability. This includes load tests and inspections for material defects or weaknesses.
  3. Documentation:
    • Each lifting bag must have a certificate of traceability, documenting its manufacturing details, testing results, and compliance with relevant standards. This certificate ensures that the bag can be traced back to its source and confirms its suitability for use.
  4. Regular Inspections and Re-certification:
    • Lifting bags must be inspected regularly to ensure they remain in good condition and safe for use. In the offshore industry, regulations typically mandate re-certification every six months. This process involves re-testing and re-inspecting the bags to identify any wear and tear or damage that could compromise safety.

Importance of Certificates of Traceability

Certificates of traceability are essential for maintaining the integrity and safety of lifting operations. These certificates provide detailed records of the lifting bag’s history, including:

  • Manufacturing Information:
    • Details about the manufacturer, production date, and materials used.
  • Testing and Certification:
    • Results of initial load tests and inspections, confirming compliance with safety standards.
  • Maintenance and Inspection Records:
    • Documentation of regular inspections, repairs, and re-certifications.

These records ensure that lifting bags are used within their specified limits and are not subjected to loads or conditions that could lead to failure.

WFE Safety: Leading the Industry with EMG Lifting Bags

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When it comes to high-quality lifting bags, WFE Safety is Europe’s number one supplier, renowned for its superior EMG lifting bags. Here’s why WFE Safety is the preferred choice for offshore operations:

  1. Exceptional Quality:
    • WFE Safety’s EMG lifting bags are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability. They are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of offshore environments and deliver consistent performance.
  2. Comprehensive Certification:
    • Every EMG lifting bag from WFE Safety comes with a detailed certificate of traceability, providing full transparency and assurance of quality and compliance.
  3. Regular Re-certification Services:
    • WFE Safety offers industry-leading re-certification services, ensuring that all lifting bags are inspected, tested, and re-certified every six months. This rigorous process guarantees that the equipment remains safe and effective throughout its lifecycle.
  4. Unparalleled Customer Service:
    • WFE Safety’s commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched. Their expert team provides comprehensive support, from selecting the right lifting bags to ensuring timely re-certification and maintenance.


In the offshore industry, the safety and efficiency of lifting operations depend heavily on the quality and reliability of lifting bags. Adhering to stringent regulations, maintaining certificates of traceability, and ensuring regular re-certification are essential practices to uphold safety standards. WFE Safety excels in providing the best lifting bags in the world, particularly the industry-standard EMG lifting bags, supported by top-notch re-certification services and customer support. By choosing WFE Safety, offshore operators can ensure their lifting operations are conducted with the highest levels of safety and reliability.

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