WFE will dispatch same day if the Purchase order is with us before 14:00 BST. We can get it to you for the next day if required.
WFE will advise you as to the most economic and safe way of suppling the equipment you need. Be it direct sales or our great hire department. We will look at the job you are doing and work with you to get the right combination of equipment you need.
This is one of the most frequently asked questions. The answer is yes they do but they are working to specific standards that we can help you understand and advise you from our previous dealings with most of the European site as to what is acceptable for each site. You may find as you move from site to site that the requirements are different. If you have equipment from our hire department we will arrange the exchange of that equipment so you are fully compliant with your new site.
WFE aim top turn round your suit in a couple of days. We understand how important it is to have your equipment available so we ill make sure you have it back within a few days. Not weeks like our competitors. On its arrival it is booked in and goes straight for testing. If there are any issues that need to be addressed you will be notified that day as to any extra costs for repairs. This will mean there are no delays and no surprises when you receive the invoice.
All jackets can be turned round to you within 24 hour sofa arrival. Again if there are any issues with the jacket you will be informed by email so you can make a decision on the work to be done on the jacket. 90% of the jackets that go through our service department will be done in a day.
WFE will hire equipment normally for a minimum one month period but will work with you so you get the equipment for the time you need it and for as long as you need it.
When a piece of equipment gets to the point when it will require a statutory inspection we will arrange replacement kit to come out to you with a list of the kit to be replaced and it will all arrive in a box that you will return the existing kit to us in. When the kit is swapped you let us know and we will arrange pick up. This means you have no down time for service and inspection. If you have large amounts one of our representatives will visit your site and help you change over as quickly as possible to save any interruption.
Yes all the hire equipment will be pr-tagged and your personnel can do their weekly checks and record them so you know where the kit is and who has it. A report will be sent to you on request listing all the inspection done , by who, time date and where the inspection was done. This is a great tool that will help you demonstrate to your client that you are keeping track of the safety equipment you are using and can supply them with the report if required.